kevina story...

Back in 1999 when Mr. Mike KEVINA; a dog pawfume & creaDve’s pet supplies of KEVINA has started being Pet Groomer (since then, he has done grooming treatment over 50,000 pets). Along with his long-term working with veterinarian and his smell separaDon idenDficaDon experience from Ghana, Africa one and a half year, are the results of making him deeply understand most pets and their owners needs. 


KEVINA has well produced fragrance-free, soUness & shine Shampoo, CondiDoner and gentle aroma Pawfume to suit and friendly with pet’s coat, yet, natural formula has no harm & safety with the environment. A great source of Mr. Mike KEVINA inspiraDon is SWISS HERB and Beauty of Mt. Pilatus, Luzern – Switzerland. Since pets have a very good sense of smell, therefore, the gentle smell of Swiss Herb is trusted & selected by KEVINA and the Professional Groomer! During 15 years KEVINA has been developed and has been very much part of local charity community. KEVINA wants you to experience our NEW ARRIVAL product; KEVINA aroma life PET LOVER DIFFUSER which the impression relaxing smell of DIFFUSER will free all unpleasant smell atmosphere areas. 


Part of KEVINA success comes from a combinaDon of knowledge, experience, quality and hard work but KEVINA recognizes that much of the success is due to the wonderful support of the clients and business partners of who have become our friends over the years. 


KEVINA looks forward to conDnuing these long-standing relaDonship as much as we do to making new ones as we take on the challenges of the future. 

Now you and your best friend can immerse yourself. 

Welcome to the Kevina Collection.