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How to shower a dog in Switzerland style by KEVINA

Switzerland is a country that concerned about standards of pet care. Dog bathing is something that is given importance, which is not different from the salon of people. 

The first step is checking the preliminary skin and hair conditions that are wounds or tangles, or there any part that needs to clean more than other parts. 

  1. Use a pin brush to brush the hairs for loosening the tangled hair. 
  2. Prepare the dog into a non-slip bath. Before starting to take a shower, should leave the water open for a moment for the dog to adjust. 
  3. The shampoo should mix with water and bubble until foaming every time before bathing the dog. 
  4. Start the shower, which begins from the feet up to the body. During bathing, we should comfort the dog, such as compliments. Then, use a rubber brush to massage on the dog body. We recommend showering the head as the last part. If using a hair conditioner, you should massage only the tip and the middle of the hair. 
  5. Use Chamois to absorb water as much as possible. Then, use a towel to wrap and absorb as much water as possible. 
  6. Use warm air to blow the dog’s hair until it is completely dry throughout the body. Do not use hot air because it will cause the hair to become dry, fluffy, and itchy skin. 
  7. Clean the ear canal and nail clippers. 
  8. Use hair care products that help to reduce hair tangle for shiny hairs. Don’t forget the important step which is using perfume for dogs. Good dog perfume should not interfere with the smell of the dog. 

The final step in a Swiss-style dog shower is positive communication with your pet. May give a reward for a compliment or take your beloved dog for a walk.