The first pure aroma wooden diffuser for the pet lovers world, that gives a friendly scented perfume for both, our beloved pet and pet owner.
The Swiss Herb is the best, most suitable scent for your pooch, which has been recommended by professional pet hair dressers and groomers who have been the leaders in this business since 1999.. With its fresh, relaxing scent, we can envision ourselves in the mountainous fields of Switzerland in the spring time.
The set includes -9 of Rattan Wooden Sticks -Glass bottle contains of 200 ml. Pure Aroma oil
can be used up to 1-2 months (Depend of room temperature)
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KEVINA X dog Hi-breeds perfume

KEVINA Hi-breeds is the 1st Dog’s Perfume that has been designed for all breed’s of dog and their owners.

Personality: for the attention seekers – you’ll never want to let go.

With the perfume’s special ingredients the owner needs only to spray a small amount to instantly notice that this is a scent like no other.