Q: Why KEVINA Dog Pawfume ?
A : First of all, we named KEVINA after Kevin who is our Schnauzer dog. He is intelligent, obedient and full of energy! Secondly, KEVINA blends of pure natural essential oils which create a more luxurious and long lasting scent compared with other dog perfumes.

Q: Who is the founder of KEVINA Dog Pawfume ?
A: It was founded in 1999 by a team that consisted of a professional Dog Groomer and a Veterinary. Both have lots of experience in regards to the health and wellbeing of dogs and wanted to create something that strengthened the bond between the owner and his/her best friend.

Q: Is it safe enough to use KEVINA for your beloved dog ?
A: Absolutely! KEVINA Dog Pawfume has been strictly tested by one of the famous Laboratories in Switzerland. We have selected 100% pure natural essential oils, which makes it safe, long lasting and also leaves a smooth and glimmering sheen on your dog’s coat. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in the highest quality of our products which contain very little alcohol whereas other brands contain 90% or more.

If you have any other concerns, please consult with your vet first.

Q: What is the difference between Dog Pawfume and regular Perfume ?
A: Regular perfume mainly consist of alcohol which is harmful to dogs. Dogs have a stronger sense of smell than people, so we use mainly purified water and natural oils. Our natural oils also help keep your dog’s coat in great condition and helps it from being tangled.

Q: What are the other benefits of KEVINA Dog Pawfume?
A: Besides the wonderful aroma, KEVINA Dog Pawfume’s specialized formula helps create a smooth and beautiful sheen on your dog’s coat. We’re absolutely convinced that you cannot stay away from your dog after it’s applied.

Q: When’s the best time to use KEVINA Dog Pawfume ?
A: KEVINA Dog Pawfume has been designed for daily use; twice or three times a day or as many time as you wish. The most recommended time is after bathing.

Q: How do you use KEVINA Dog Pawfume ?
A: Just squeeze the pump of KEVINA Dog Pawfume onto your palm, then apply and massage gently on the whole body of your dog’s coat. The fresh natural smell would make both of you and your dog feeling relaxed and joyful.

Q: Is it possible to use with other pets such as cats?
A: We suggest consulting with your Vet before use.

Q: Can the owner use this pawfume?
A: Not recommended, our products have been created specifically for dogs.

Q: Is KEVINA Dog Pawfume suitable for all skin types?
A: Your dog’s health & safety is our first priority at KEVINA. If your dog has any allergies and particularly sensitive skin, please consult with your Vet first. Also please refrain from applying on sensitive areas such as the ears, eyes, nose and mouth. It’s perfectly fine for puppies over 1 and ½ months old.

Q: Where do the ingredients come from ?
A: The natural oils and other ingredients are imported from France, the original recipe was created in Switzerland.

Q: How many scents does KEVINA Dog Pawfume have?
A: For the time being, we have 3: “Lovely Tail”, “Follow Me” and “Puppy (one more time)”. With every purchase, we will be donating to a charity for abandoned and disabled dogs: “The Voice Project” by Khun Kae (one of the most famous actresses of Thailand).

Q: Where can we find or order KEVINA Dog Pawfume ?
A: For online orders please visit: www.facebook.com/kevina.dog.pawfume or www.wearyouwant.com. We offer free shipping in Thailand. For phone orders please call : +66(8)9-993-9382 (for Overseas), 089-993-9382 for local assistance within Thailand. You may also purchase our products at “Deedog shop” Central Chaeng Wattana Brach or at “Lotus” Laksi Branch

Q; How much does it cost and what’s the size of a bottle of KEVINA Dog Pawfume ?
A: It only comes in one size which is 100 CC and the price is only Thai Baht 1,450.- net per bottle

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we do offer international shipping – please contact us for the rates.