Changing and bathing your lovely dog is very hectic. Come and relax like doing a spa in the field of finest and exotic scenery at the streams and mountains of “SWITZERLAND“

Since 1999, at KEVINA has researched to bathe your lovely dog in the Pet Shop and Grooming Center which it has been convinced the owners or customers until now.We would like to offer the impressing experiences about bathing your lovely dog the same as an excellent Groomer.We recommend two products for you.They are very convenient and reliable for your lovely dog.


This is better than the common shampoo and it is only one product consisting of the essential nutrients which is important for its skin and hair of your lovely dog. In addition, your lovely dog has been done like in the SPA so that your dog could relax during the miracle bathing, also.

We would like to present the fragrance of SWISSHERB which Michael Recipe has invented to be the secret formula of KEVINA selected from Essential Oil only – it doesn’t activate allergies of the dog or the owner unlike the common shampoo using perfumes for giving of smell. We are proud of our products that help you to bathe your dog in the atmosphere with the fullness of the green grass, little brooks, and the valleys around Switzerland.

The KEVINA shampoo is the perfect need of our lovely dog both with short hair, long hair, and hairless. We have selected the famous extracted substance and it is accepted with the pet in Switzerland. As the mild formula, it is suitable for the skin and hair of the lovely dog’s varieties.


Horsetail extract enrich the root hair to become stronger, decreases the hair loss, and also helps the hair color to become more durable.

Rosemary extract trigger and recover the skin to be healthier. This inhibits the fungi and bacteria.

Aloe Vera extract enrich the skin and hair to regenerates, recreates, and moisturizes. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any dullness or dryness after bathing.

We assure our lovely customers to be satisfied with our products. We therefore add vitamins such as A, B, D, E, Jojoba and Almond oil.

Why do we value of the fragrance of SWISS HERB?

It is because of SWISS HERB giving the fragrance of aromatic therapy which is different during the bathing of your lovely dog.

First of all, when you open the Kevina bottle, you could first sense the essential aroma, making you feel fresh, relaxed, and this product is concentrated which means full of essentials.
Second aroma, it helps your lovely dog feel cool, comfortable, relaxed during the bathing that makes you happy, fun, and comfortable as well.

Last aroma, After bathing you can rub the body slightly. This could make your lovely dog got a good smell, it makes you hassle-free, pacified,and then you can kiss and hug your lovely dog again.

(Last aroma—it depends on the body odor of your lovely dog.)



conditioner1In this reason, it deeply knows the health of hair and skin of your lovely dog; we improved the cream conditioner corresponding with the need of the lovely dog having a long hair to become softer and smoother. It also decreases the cluttered hair in which the specific formula of KEVINA is intended to. Furthermore, the owner could feel the softness and smoothness of the dog’s hair after bathing immediately.

The hair conditioner which Michael Recipe designed to KEVINA added the continuing odor after bathing your lovely dog with the KEVINA shampoo. We know that the owner would like to have the fragrant durable smell so we have selected the fragrant of essential oil which helps the lovely dog relaxed with good emotion attracting the owner to embrace them more and more.

We have carefully selected the extracted substance for doing the cream conditioner for skin and hair which is accepted by the groomer around the world.

Avocado extract is the vital protein a good resource for hair and skin of your lovely dog, it keeps its hair soft and smooth and it can reduce the capture of a hair piece and also reduce the electrostatic. Furthermore, it helps your lovely dog’s skin moist.
Chamomile extract helps your lovely dog relaxed and reduces the inflammation and itching of the skin.
Oatmeal gives the essential moisture for its skin and hair; it keeps the skin and hair stronger.

In addition, we enrich deeply with A, B, C, D, E and B5 which protect from direct blow of the electric hair dryer and maintaining the hair not dry. We would like to suggest that our customers should select the hair cream conditioner of KEVINA every time with your lovely long haired dog after bathing with KEVINA shampoo.

KEVINA Dog shampoo&Conditioner has accepted from the famous groomer since 1999.


From the day I started my career as a dog groomer back in 1999, my greatest ambition was to create my own natural dog perfume one day. From that moment on, I have dedicated all of my time towards the search for the best formula from around the globe.

After years of hard work, I’m proud to say I’ve finally succeeded in creating my very first dog perfume collection: I call them Pawfume.

My Pawfume will not only cover your dog with a refreshing long-lasting fine aroma, it will also give your dog’s coat – a soft, smooth and silky touch.

My greatest inspiration came from experiencing Spring time at Mount Pilatus in Lucerne (Switzerland) – the sweet smell of herbs and wildflowers combined with the refreshing crystal clear water of the Lake of Lucerne had to be captured.

Now you and your best friend can immerse yourself.

Welcome to the Kevina Collection.

We available 2 series  Celeb 2,000 sprays and twist 300 sprays


Our signature scent will sweep you away to a fantasy filled with fields of fresh flowers, green meadows and a gentle stream.

Personality: for dogs who act like they own the world – princes and princesses.

Recommended for: breeds with long hair and attitudes such as Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire, Poodle, Beijing, Pomeranian, Afghan Hound, Collie etc.













This fresh scent brings out the fun and playful side of life. After a few sprays of KEVINA; “Follow Me”, your dog will be filled with so much joy that you’ll end up trying to catch up all day.

Personality: playful, naughty and always optimistic – there’s always room for more fun.

Recommended for: breeds of a terrier mix, bulldogs, and large dogs such as Golden Lab, West Island White, Schnauzer, Cocker, Dalmatian, Siberian, Beagle, etc.

follow mefollow-me












Remember the first time you got your puppy? How it gazed at you innocently while you cradled it in your arms. Now you can relive those memories over and over again with the soft scent of KEVINA’s “Puppy (One More Time)”.

Personality: for the attention seekers – you’ll never want to let go.

Recommended for: small to medium dogs of all ages such as Chi hua hua, Miniature, Chow Chow, Spitz, Papillon, Pug etc..

puppy(one more time)puppy-omt










4 KEVINA X dog Hi-breeds perfume

KEVINA Hi-breeds is the 1st Dog’s Perfume that has been designed for all breed’s of dog and their owners.

With the perfume’s special ingredients the owner needs only

to spray a small amount to instantly notice that this is a scent like no other.

Then when the perfume is sprayed & massaged into your dog’s fur it will instantly recognise and relate this scent to that of it’s owner.